Fio is my grand-iguana. He arrived on Easter weekend, 2016 from the local reptile rescue. He was pathetic and his prospects weren't good. Baby iguanas are cheap and cute, but they tend to grow into regal monsters with sharp teeth.

It's not Fio's fault that he wound up stranded in a cold North American city. He would be much happier in the tropics, where he belongs. But, he seems to be making the best of it. He keeps getting bigger and so far he's been through 3 'enclosures' (I hate the word cage, but that's what they are).

The most recent is a repurposed greenhouse that does a decent job of keeping the humidity up. During the day he comes out and sits on a heating pad near the window. At the rate he is growing he will soon need his own room. Although Fio is a good looking guy, he has an issue with the cell phone camera so we have to go all National Geographic to get any pictures.

Stay tuned as the story unfolds!