No, no, no - not an "iguana salad", but a salad for an iguana.

Full of items that iguanas are "supposed" to like and thrive on. Today's lunch is dandelion leaves, collard greens and strawberries. Dinner could be mustard greens and squash - there is a lot to choose from since our refrigerator has been taken over by leafy things -they only come in human-sized bunches, and Fio can only nibble at a few tidbits at a time.

I do not have any pictures of Fio eating, yet. He prefers to climb down from his perch and chew his food in private. All we see is the mostly empty plate. He leaves us a present in his water dish, too - seems to be his version of iguana litter.

I wonder who studied iguana nutrition and determined that mustard greens were fine but chopped kale wasn't so healthy. Is there a lab where people in white coats scribble while lizards chomp away?