Fio does not like the camera, which is why we haven't taken many pictures lately. He is very demonstrative and lets us know right away when he isn't pleased.

He likes: hibiscus flowers, mustard greens, and arugula.

He hates; cell phone cameras and the orange cat. But mostly, he hates Max. Max is a bearded dragon. He's scrawny and not much to look at.

But, as soon as Fio spotted him across the room, Max became THE ENEMY! Fio reared up, puffed out his dewlap and swished his tail around. We are assuming he thinks Max is another male iguana - a cause for extreme iguana consternation.

Since we are doing our best to help Fio relax, we moved Max to another room. As soon as Max was out of sign, Fio calmed down.

He still scowls at the cat, but the cat is just a dangerous predator who could eat him in a hearbeat, not THE ENEMY!