Love or Hate...?


Fio has been 'in season' for the last month and not very interested in food. He may be looking for some other iguanas to fight or mate with, but there is only an orange cat.

One day he saw ... Read More

Crazy Difficult


Keeping a pet iguana is crazy difficult.

The trick is to recreate a large tropical rainforest environment in your home. Not easy in Ohio in the winter.

Iguanamom has struggled all winte... Read More



I like to gaze at Max as he basks on his rock. He looks so relaxed. But in an instant he can spring to life and scarf down a pile of superworms three at a time.

He and I are so very different... Read More



Two months ago, Max joined our household, a ward of the reptile sanctuary.

We don't know much about his past, just a rumor that his previous owners thought he was 'too big', which is ironic s... Read More

Iguana Cabana


Moving Day!

Fio has vacated his tiny apartment - a glass aquarium - and moved to a four-level condo, more suited to his size. It's actually a remodeled wire ferret cage, with clear plastic ar... Read More

Fio Getting Fatter


Fio has been with us since March 26.

Looking back on his first pictures it is obvious that he was terribly thin. At 14 months old he probably should have been much heftier. Three months later... Read More

Pets That Are Not People


As I type, my orange cat is sprawled across my desk. He stays as long as I scratch his chin and hops down when I stop. We have a family sort of relationship.

I understand him about as well as... Read More

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