GrowingEven though Fio is at least 8 years old, he is still growing. Perhaps it's because he doesn't have much else to do besides eat. Even though he lives in a 6 x 10 foot greenhouse, it's a very tiny... Read More


SheddingMaurice just shed his skin again. He's not an iguana - he's a corn snake who lives in a glass tank in the dining room. He usually sheds when no one is watching, but this time I got to see just the... Read More

Iguana on the Sofa

Iguana on the SofaFio has put on 2 pounds over the winter. At four years old, he is now 5 feet long and 8.2 pounds, still mostly tail. He sheds all the time and eats all the time, especially dandelions.... Read More

Moving Up

Moving UpFio's greenhouse was getting too small - he weighs about 5 pounds now. Fortunately, greenhouses come in bigger sizes. We still need to add some tropical plants, but at least he has room to stre... Read More

Terrible Pets

Terrible PetsFio is a beautiful creature, but I feel it is my responsibility to say ...Iguanas Make Terrible Pets!!!They don't belong in our houses. They belong outdoors. Their huge claws are great for climbing... Read More

A Real Iguana Emerges

A Real Iguana EmergesWhen Fio arrived he was tiny. Just like most of the 'pet' iguanas in my experience, when they were once common pet shop 'merchandise'. Few of them ever made it past the baby stage.Fio is turning int... Read More

Iguana Glare

Iguana GlareFio does not like the camera, which is why we haven't taken many pictures lately. He is very demonstrative and lets us know right away when he isn't pleased.He likes: hibiscus flowers, mustard greens,... Read More

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